Visiting First Women Photography exhibition by Anita Corbin

Recently I went to go visit the First Women photography exhibition in Lacock. This is a photography exhibition by photographer Anite Corbin showcasing portraits of 100 pioneering women of the 21st century. This was a project that took a decade to create. The exhibition was created to mark the centenary of the representation of the People Act, which granted the vote for women over 30 years old and paved the way for universal suffrage.

I initially decided to visit this exhibition the idea behind it interested and inspired me. I also wanted to use it as a current relevance to my project i'm doing now.

This exhibition was one of my favourite photography exhibitions I've visited. As a women photographer myself I found this hugely inspiring. I found each portrait powerful and unique in their own sense and thought the overall exhibition was just spectacular.

A few of my favourite portraits:

This first one is of Dany Cotton who was the first women to appointed commissioner of the London Fire Brigade. I just loved the contrast of the bright colours in this photo and thought it made the photo really stand out.

This photo is of Edith Kent who was the first women to get equal pay all the way back in 1943. I thought this portrait was amazing because this women is 102 years old here and the fact Anita Corbin has captured such a beautiful portrait shot. I like how authentic this photo is.

This Photograph is of Dame Stella Rimington, who was the first women to be appointed Director General of MI5. Again I love how real and authentic this photo is and I like how the portrait isn't forced at all, it's all a very natural photo.

This whole exhibition was so interesting to visit and gave me a lot of inspiration as a photographer. I loved visiting it and looking at all the amazing photographs.

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