Personal Statement Drafts

I went through quite a few different drafts for my personal statement. In this snippet of my first draft I found I was over the character limit by over a 1000. So my main bit of feedback I got was to lower the word count. I also got told to go into much more detail specifically about my visit to the Gursky exhibition, and then to take out anything that was repeated at all.

For my second draft I focused on getting rid of anything that didn't need to be there, in order to lower the word count. I also tried to focus my detail a bit more into what I was talking about. The feedback I got was to work on any grammar errors, joining some paragraphs together and still try and go into more detail about what I was talking about.

For my third draft I focused on the feedback I had been given and applied this to my third draft. The feedback I got for this draft was to mainly focus on getting the character count down.

Finally for my fourth and final draft I managed to completely get the word count down and then complete my personal statement. I'm happy with how it all turned out and happy that I finished it.

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