My Final Uni Choices

I recently completed my UCAs application and these are my final Uni Choices.

1. Falmouth University

: Press and Editorial Photography

I chose this course because it's a part of photography that really interests me and the course sounded really interesting and is something I would be interested in studying. Falmouth also sounds like such a lovely place to live and study.

2. University of Gloucestershire

: Photography: Editorial and Advertising

I applied to this course because I was interested in it. And it seems like a course I would really enjoy and Cheltenham seems like a nice place to live and study.

3. University of Plymouth

: Photography

I applied to this course because from looking at it and researching I thought it looked like a really enjoyable and interesting course. Plus I've heard nice things about the university.

4. University of Arts Bournemouth

: Commercial Photography

I applied for this course because again it looked like a course that I would enjoy studying.

5. Swansea College of Art- UWTSD

: Photography in the arts

The final course I applied to was the photography in the arts at the Swansea College of Art. I applied to this because it was very highly recommended and looked like a really good course to study.

Those are my final uni choices and i'm overall really happy with them.

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