Magazine Project

For this recent project I have been making and designing a magazine. My main theme for my magazine is travel and I have focused this on doing a main photo story on a weekend in Bristol. My main focus is showing different parts of Bristol that are interesting/fun to visit.

For this project we have had editorial photographer, Chris Lucas come in and give us advice on our projects. His advice has been really useful and he has talked about his work and how he got started as an editorial photographer. One piece of advice he gave me for my project was to get out live out my own day in Bristol, so writing about visiting Bristol would be a lot easier.

I have learnt a lot of skills overtime of doing this project. I have learnt technical skills such as indesign and learning how to do a successful magazine layout using indesign. I also used indesign for completing my A2 boards for the project.

I have then also learnt a lot of practical skills with doing this project such as different photographic techniques e.g. flash photography. I have learnt new and interesting ways of producing a successful magazine.

I really enjoyed this project and was happy with my overall turn out of my design. This project really challenged me and gave me the opportunities to try something new and I learnt a lot from it all.

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