Visiting and doing workshops at Gloucestershire University

On Monday, I had the opportunity to visit Gloucestershire University again. This time when visiting I had the chance to look around accommodation and have a go at doing some workshops in one of their studios.

The day started off by looking at the Student Village accommodation they had. The Pittville Student Village which is just recently built is what the uni showed us around. This was really insightful to look around because it was intreguing to see what uni accomodation acctually looks like. The whole of the student village that Gloucestershire has is very good and looks like a really nice place to stay whilst at uni. I loved the fact they also had a lot of facilities available there for the students.

After lunch the university then gave us a tour of their photography facilities which looked amazing and then we had a talk with the leader of the photography editorial and advertising course. The talk was really interesting and informative of what Gloucestershire is like and what the teaching and courses are like there. After that we then had a workshop of working in one of their studios which was really fun. It was just a fun experience to experiment in one of their uni studios and with the equipment they had.

The overall day was really informative and gave me a lot to think about with uni and where to apply and what I want to do at uni.

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