UAL Talk

Today we had a talk from the University of Arts London. A Spokes person came from the uni to talk to us about the variety of courses they offer and what the university is like in general. This talk was really informative and I learnt a lot about the type of photography courses they offer and how the university works and what uni life is like.

The University of arts London offers four photography courses. These are : Fashion Photography, Photography and Photojournalism and documentary photography and Fine art photography.

The one I'm most interested in finding out about is the Photojournalism and documentary photography. This is because it links in well with where I want to go in the future with photography I also think it's a really interesting course and aspect of photography to look at.

The course specifically is looking for a full portfolio of work to be submitted and a personal statement.

Although UAL wasn't my first choice to look at I thought the overall talk was insightful and made me think about whether I would want to apply there or not.

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