Personal Values Task

In a lesson in college we got given the task of thinking about what our top personal values are. We got given up to 80 different card with different values on them and we had to organise them based on whats the most important, important and not very important to us. This task really made me think of what are the most important values to me and how they contribute with what I want to achieve in life.

I think the overall values looking at all 80 have all shaped me in some way to the person I am now. Some I found to be more important than others however all have influenced me in some way shape of form.

In the task we decided to split the most important into a top ten. My top ten were Justice, knowledge, passion, creativity, industry, self esteem, adventure, beauty. These are all values that have been important to me in some shape of form and will always be important to me throughout my life. For example creativity is something I use towards my work every single day and this is the same with being hardworking, I always work as hard as I can to achieve my very best with my work.

Then we had to narrow these traits down to our top 3. I would say Justice, Knowledge and passion are my top 3 values. This is because having knowledge and passion are very important to me and my work and towards life in general.

Then we decided on what our most important value was and for this I chose Justice. This is because I think it's a really important value to have and it's something that I want to apply to my everyday life and work.

Overall this task was really insightful and made me really think about what are important values in life.

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