Work experience: Taking photography for my local karate club

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take some photos for my local karate club. This was something I had never done before so I was excited to have the opportunity to take these photos.

I decided to use my TV setting on my camera so I could focus on capturing the movements of the karate students.

My Most Successful images from this shoot:

This photo was taken during a moment when two karate students are free style fighting. I thought this was an interesting shot because it captures the essence of the sport. I also think it's a successful action shot of them fighting.

This is another image taken when two students were free style fighting. I thought this was successful because it captures another perspective of the sport and the different movements within karate.

This image is of all the students aiming to kick their legs up at the same time. I thinks image of all of them kicking their legs up is successful because it's a really interesting shot and it shows an insight of what karate is like as a sport.

This is an image of the two instructors demonstrating to the students a karate move. I thought this shot was successful because again it shows another insight into the lessons and what learning karate entails.

This is a show from the karate grading of all the students demonstrating a kick. Although the lighting wasn't the best for this photo I still think this is a successful image from the karate grading. I think it's successful because it's an interesting shot of movement and shows what a karate grading is like.

Overall, I learnt so much from doing this photoshoot. This work experience gave me the opportunity to explore another aspect of photography. It also gave me the chance to boost my confidence with my photography, since sports photography is something I hadn't really done before. It also made me learn more about photography and the techniques behind sports photography.

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