Visiting the shots of Albufeira photography exhibition

Recently I went on holiday to Albufeira, Portugal. Whilst I was there I decided to visit the local photography exhibition there. The local museum was showcasing some work done by the photographer Artur Pastor. Pastor was a Portuguese photographer who specialized in photographing the lifestyle and local people living in the Algarve area of Portugal during that time. This exhibition I visited showcased his photography work on the sea and it's people of the city of Albuefeira.

Some of my favourite images from the exhibition:

The first photo of this set of two is of octopus drying out and it was taken on film around 1960-65. I think this shot was interesting because it shows an insight to the local life during that time. And it also shows a different perspective of the fishing industry. The second image is of two fisherman with the catch of the octopus, possibly taken in 1980. I like how it shows a similar theme to the first image but taken almost 20 years later. I also think it shows the authenticity of the local area and what it was famous for at the time.

These two images are of the local area of Albufeira. The first shows the fishing boats off the Baleeria beach, this image was taken in 1980. I thought this was a successful image because similar to the other images it really captures the authenticity of the area and what life was like for the locals. It's also interesting see how it's changed since then. The second image is of the Baleeira beach which I think is a beautiful shot, taken in 1980. It's taken from a really interesting angle and it's simply a beautiful image of the beach.

This last image which I will talk about is one that he took of the old town. I think the angle of where the photo was taken made this really successful because it sort of leads you into the image as a viewer of the photo. I think it also captures the traditional old town really well and shows another perspective of Albufeira, which is just as beautiful.

Overall, I really enjoyed visiting this exhibition a lot. I learnt about this new photographer I hadn't heard of before and about the work he did. I also learnt a bit of history about the are through the photographic work he did. It was a really interesting and beneficial experience.

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