Article Discussion: ‘Our inability to read images permits our mass manipulation

An article posted about a month ago by the Irish times discusses peoples inability on questioning, understanding and reading images.

I think this discussion brought up by Juilia Gelezona was a really interesting one because part of the idea reflects today's society and social media. With having Instagram as one of the top social media apps, this gives people such easy access to viewing images all day long. And often you just see people scrolling through the images and not looking at the bigger picture within the images. On Instagram it's now more about the likes you get rather than the meaning behind the picture and what the picture could be telling you. In a way it's sad that looking at photography has gotten to the point of just scrolling past it and not thinking about the meaning the photograph could represent.

With having the likes of Photo editing software this gives people sometimes false impression of the reality behind the shot. Throughout fashion magazines you constantly see unrealistic representations of models and you never really see the reality of shot or what the model may actually look like. It's not just within the fashion industry, even in shots of landscapes can sometimes don't look as accurate as they do in real life, due to having access to these photo editing software's. This unrealistic representation of images is something that you still see today within photography making people see what is not always reality. However it is getting better since now the fashion industry is starting to slowly show more realistic representations of what models actually look like. And photography is something that has become so vital within today's society it's as important as the written word with trying to tell a story. Having digital photography now gives us this access to use photography to help show what is reality and you see this in the news constantly now, whether it's photos from the press or ones sent in by people and their mobile phones, this digital media gives us the access to show whats the truth with photography. Photography today is being used as a powerful tool to help tell a story behind an image, the important thing is that we learn to understand that.

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