Visit to Lacock Photography exhibition

Recently I visited the photography exhibition at Lacock . Since Lacock was home to Henry Fox Talbot, who famously invented the Calotype negative, they now have a museum dedicated to Fox Talbot and his life. As well as that part of the museum they also have a photography exhibition upstairs showcasing different photographers work, which they change around every couple of months or so.

I started off by visiting the Fox Talbot Museum because even though I have visited previously I always find it interesting to visit each time. It was insightful again to refresh my knowledge on Fox Talbot and the impact he had on photography. I always find it interesting seeing the different cameras they have on display there as well.

I then went to visit the photography exhibition upstairs and this time they were showcasing the photographer Karen Knorr's work. Knorr is a German and American based photographer and this exhibition at Lacock focused on some of her new work from India and Japan.

The photographic work looks at the visual culture and the stories and myths between the two countries of India and Japan. The work looks at photograph of live animals inserted into the architectural sites. Combining both digital and analogue photography together. The photos arise from fables and with this work it makes us think the deeper truths behind them.

This overall exhibition was really inspiring and interesting to look at I loved how different the photography was and unique, The images were all really strong and bold and made you really stop to think about the meaning behind them.

A few of my favourite images from the exhibition :

This first piece of the tiger I thought was interesting because of how the contrast of the bright colours really stood out. Also the fact she decided to use a tiger to represent strength and wisdom I think is also really clever. I think the room chosen for the photograph is beautiful and helps make the image really powerful.

This second piece is really interesting because she's chosen an animal that is actually quite rare to see now. I also think it's really clever the way Knorr has managed to get the reflection of the Snow Leopard in water, and I think this really makes the photo.I just liked how calming this image was.

This Last image I thought was really interesting because although the room is quite basic, the choice of using an egret is really clever. The egret means that it's observing and patient, which I think helps give a peaceful feel to the image. I think the choice of the egret fits in well with the Japanese culture of the room. Overall I really liked this photo.

I overall really loved visiting this exhibition I found it really inspiring and thought provoking. I also thought it was really unique with her ideas and approach to photography.

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