Different Higher Education Courses

When researching different Courses to do in photography I found there were many that looked in to more specific areas of photography then just the general overview of photography. These are the three courses I found in my research that appeal to me the most.

Marine & Natural History Photography BA (hons) - Falmouth University:

This course specializes in looking at photography to do with marine and natural wildlife. It looks into doing natural history image making, conservation and looking at the environment. The course offers opportunities such as learning to dive, then teaching you the skills of underwater photography. You also get the chance to do work experience and have the optional field trips to different destinations across the world. The course is taught by practicing photographers and scientists through field trips, workshops, photography, lectures and tutorials. This course always took an interest with me since it's a very different and unique course that I haven't ever really seen before at any other universities, which is why I wanted to include it in my research. The opportunities you get with it look amazing and it looks like a really good course.

Press and Editorial Photography BA (hons) - Falmouth University:

This course focuses more on photography relating to the media and press. It looks on telling stories through photography. The course gives you opportunities to work on local, national and international assignments for a global audience. Through the course you gain skills in digital, audio and analogue storytelling. There is also chances to go on local study trips and get industry placements. The course is taught around practical project work and portfolio building. This course is probably the one that interests me the most since it sounds like such a interesting and fun course. It's definitely a course I would be interested in applying for and it looks like a really good course.

Photography: Editorial and Advertising BA (hons) - Gloucestershire University:

This courses looks at all aspects of photography to fine art and media photography. The course gives you the opportunity to get experience in a range of different areas of photography. You learn from industry professionals and get the chance to develop your own industry facing portfolio. The course gives you opportunities to go on trips and have a chance to talk to guest speakers who have industry links. Overall this course again looks interesting and really good course. It's also another course I would be interested to apply for.

From researching different courses it has given me an idea of what I would want to do a university and with my photography. Looking at these courses has been really informative and beneficial to helping me make my decision of what I want to study at university.

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