Different Photography Jobs

There are many different jobs that you could do with photography. I decided to look at 3 different jobs that took an interest to me and that I thought were interesting photography jobs.

Wildlife Photographer

A Wildlife Photographer is essentially a photographer that photographs different wildlife. This job requires numerous skills whether its being able to take successful images of an animal or being able to approach an animal without startling it, to take a photo. This job is highly extreme but can be a successful job. This is a job that interests me because I love animals and taking photos of them so it's a job I would be interested in doing.

Favourite Wildlife Photographers:

Martin Bailey

Stephen Dalton

Jess Findlay

Concert/Music Photographer

A concert photographer is a photographer working for a musical artist to take photos of them in concert. These photos then taken by the photographer can be either be used my media outlets of the artist themselves. This is a job that interests me because I love music and I think being a concert photographer would be a really interesting job to have.

Favourite concert photographers:

Pixie Levison

Zachary Walters

Josiah Van Dien

Travel Photographer

Travel Photography as a job is something that keeps growing and growing. Essentially the job can be where people document their travels through photography in some way whether thats freelance or for a company and get paid. This is another job that interests me because I love travelling and especially travel photography so to possibly go into a career that has these aspects is something I would like to do.

Favourite Travel Photographers:

Trey Ratcliff

Sebastiao Salgado

Gary Arndt

These are just a few photography jobs that sound interesting and that I researched into.

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