Visiting Russel Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

Whilst on a recent visit to Bournemouth I decided to go look at their local art Gallery they had there. The Russel Cotes Art Gallery and Museum is one of main art museums they have in Bournemouth. With holding a massive collection of cultural treasures and souvenirs from across the world all dating back from the 19th century.

The actual house of the museum originally belonged to Merton and Annie Russel Cotes which was built in 1901. The house was then filled up with beautiful objects that they had collected over the years, including a collection of British art. In 1907 the couple decided to give the house to the local people of Bournemouth.

Although this focuses more on the classic side of art I found visiting the gallery really inspiring and interesting.

The first painting that stood out to me was this sea painting below. I loved the colours and the texture of water in this image and though it was a very simple painting but had such delicate detailing in it.

This next painting that stood out to me above is titled Her first love, painted by George Sheridan Knowles in 1865. I thought this painting stood out and I liked how you could see the detail of the brush strokes in the painting.

I think this painting above was one of my favourite pieces of art. Titled foam horses, painted by Lucy Kemp -Welch, the painting was inspired when the artist saw soldiers training their horses on the beach. I thought this painting was really clever with the mixture of colours and the concept behind the painting.

This last painting that I will talk about is probably one of the most recent pieces of art they have in the gallery there. Painted this year titled The sorrow of the moon, Sam Jackson was inspired by the self portrait painted by the female artist Angelica Kauffmann in 1770-75. The idea behind the work is interesting because it seeks to distrupt the traditional painting of the portrait. And it combines the genres of both contemporary and traditional art together to create a piece that is really powerful.

I overall really enjoyed my visit and found the overall Gallery really interesting and I found it really eye opening seeing all the different forms of art.

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