Visiting Gloucestershire University

On Friday the 29th June I went to visit the University of Gloucestershire. I decided to visit because they had a few photography courses that I was really interested to look at.

The photography courses they offer are: Photography, Photography: editorial and advertising and Photojournalism and Documentary photography.

The day started off by going in and registering myself then going for a welcome/introduction talk. This talk was really informative and interesting to see what the university was about and there overall ethos.

After this talk I then decided to go to the main photography talks. These talks were about each photography degree and the difference between them. I found the course I would be most interested in taking is photography: editorial and advertising since this a course where you cover a wide range of different photography within editorial and advertising and it's a course you can be very creative with. I also found it really interesting finding out where previous students have ended up in work after doing there degree. The talks were really informative and gave me another perspective on what other university courses are like and what other university's are like.

After the talk I then visited the degree show that displayed all of the 3rd years work. This was really interesting to see because it showed such a wide variety of different peoples work and it was really inspiring to see how they had all done something different and how successful there photos were. I also had the chance to talk to one of the lecturers and this was really useful since it gave me more of an insight on to what taking photography is like and what the university had to offer.

I found this overall day really eye opening and informative since it gave me another perspective on what another university was like and what they had to offer for photography.

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