Visiting Falmouth University

On Saturday the 16th June I went to visit Falmouth university. This was a university that I had been wanting to visit for a while now so when I finally got a chance to visit I was very excited.

I started the day by going to the main building and registering myself then once I had done that I went to the first talk which was on a big overview on every photography course they had there.

The talk started by with talking about the general photography course they have at Falmouth. This course looks at all general aspects of photography rather than focusing on one area of photography. It sounded like really interesting course that lets you be as creative as you possibly can be. For me personally I think I want to look at a more specific photography course for when I go to university. However, for others who are interested in doing a more general photography course rather than something specific this course sounds perfect for them.

The next two talks were about the two other photography courses they offer at Falmouth Uni. The first one was on press and editorial photography which is more focused on photography that links in more with the press such as the news, newspapers, magazines etc. The lecturer for this courses talked in detail about the type of photography you could do for this course and the industry links they had where you could work for whilst doing the course or after you finish it. This was one of the courses I was interested in because it sounded like something really interesting and an aspect of photography I would really enjoy.

The last talk was on the photography course for marine and natural wildlife photography. This is a really unique course that I've only ever seen at Falmouth. This photography courses focuses on wildlife and underwater photography. Having the opportunity to learn diving for the course and having the chance to travel all across the world. This course is probably my favourite out of all of them because it sounds so interesting and something in photography that I would be really interested in doing. The travel aspect of the course is also something that interests me because I love travelling a lot and it's something that I would want to do in the future.

After having all the talks about the different photography courses we then got an opportunity to have a tour around all the facilities that they offer. This was really interesting to see everything they had and just to look at all of what they had to offer. Falmouth looks like a good fit for photography because they have up to 3 million pounds of photography equipment. Two massive photography studios to use. Then a colour and black and white film developing machines and darkrooms for both colour and film. As well as also having mac suites that have Photoshop etc. These facilities looked amazing to look at and shows how good quality the facilities are and the courses.

Then for the afternoon I went to one final talk which was on Fashion photography. This was really interesting to see because although it's not something I would usually be interested in I still found the overall talk really interesting and the course sounds really good for anyone interested in something like fashion photography.

Overall I really enjoyed visiting Falmouth and it really opened my eyes on where and what I want to do for uni. It's somewhere that looks really good for photography and really nice place in general.

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