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Throughout my time on this course I have done a lot of research on many different photographers. I have found through my research that some photographers have influenced me and inspired me more than others. These photographers that I am writing about today are just a few that I feel really inspired me a lot throughout the time I was doing a lot of research.

Nicholas Gooden

Nicholas Gooden is a photographer based in London. He specialises mainly in creating visual content for global brands. His street photography has been exhibited both in London (Proud Galleries, Hoxton Hotels, Drakes & Morgan Bars) but also internationally (W Hotel in Barcelona).

When looking at his work on his website what appealed to me was his London urban photography work. These images are ones I really liked because of how different they were and how powerful the photos were. When looking back at all the research I had done over the first year of this course Gooden's work really stood out to me again when looking at it. It's something I find inspiring when looking at it and really successful as a piece of photographic work.

Examples of his work:

Mike Mandel

Mike Mandel is an American conceptual artist and photographer. In the 1970s and early 1980s, he worked with found photographs and film-based cameras to produce a highly conceptual series of books and exhibitions that revealed the inherent ambiguity of photographic images. Looking specifically at the work of ‘Making Good time’ , inspired by Frank and Lillian Gilberth this book focus’ on light photography specifically. Within this book Mandel tracked people doing many different activities from everyday ones to less common ones. He also used robots as well as people within this project.

I found his work really interesting and clever with the way he created his photos on light photography. I found looking at his work helped me with my own work when it came to light photography.

Examples of his work:

Jordan Matter :

Jordan Matter is an American portrait photographer, who has now taken his focus into dance photography and photographing dancers in everyday situations. In 2012 he published the book Dancers among us. Matter has one other book published called uncovered and is now currently working on a book called Athletes among us. Matter also makes YouTube videos doing 10-minute photo challenges photographing dancers.

Matter's photography really inspired me with how I could be creative towards my final images for my FMP. I found his photographic work really creative and different which really inspired me.

These were a few of the photographers I found most inspiring throughout my research for my three different projects I have done this year. I have learnt a lot and have been inspired a lot and researching all of these different photographers has helped me learn a lot and become a better photographer.

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