Application To Year 2

Over the course of this first year I have learnt so many new skills that I didn't have at the start of the year. I have gained confidence within my work and have had so many opportunities to learn.. Before starting this course I had minimal knowledge in film and how it works and now I can confidentially do a film shoot, then develop and process the film to produce images for them. I also didn't know much about printing when I first started where as know I know a lot more on printing and how I could combine it with my photography. I have learnt more on how I can be creative with my photography, using different ideas and techniques with my photography. This first year has given me a lot and I will take what I have learnt fully into the next year of this course.

I have applied what I have learnt to my own work by using different film photoshoots in my work and then using different mixed media.

I am really enjoying this course I have done some really interesting projects that have allowed me to explore my creativity within my work. There is work I'm really happy with like the street photography I did at the start of the year, where I photographed street art in areas such as Stokes Croft in Bristol and London. What I like about street art is the story it tells about the people who live in those areas and where they have come from. The artwork I photographed adds to the identity of the community that live there.

I think my most successful work has been my final images towards my FMP. This is because I think these are my most creative from all of my final images and it was something that was challenging for me because it was different to what I had done before. I found finding the location for the shoots particularly difficult but the overall outcome was much more surprising than I thought it would be. The location for one of my final images turned out to be at the top of bridge, over a road, and next to a supermarket, which is somewhere I didn't think would work as a dance location. However the light and the talent of the dancers proved me wrong. I found adding in the sewing as my mixed media helped with making my final images successful. This mixed media images was inspired by the artist Jose Romussi. It was something different that I want to try and mix in with my photography and make my own.

Although I'm not sure what I want to do with my photography, I know that I eventually want to do a job where I make a difference with my photography. Whether that's within press or wildlife photography \i'm not sure yet. I'm excited to see where the second year will take me and what I will learn from it to help me throughout my work.

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