Visiting An Apprenticeships Fair

A while back I visited an Apprenticeships fair in Bath and this was a fair the showcased lots of different Apprenticeships that you could do once you finished your course if university wasn't an option for you.

This was really new and interesting experience for me because apprenticeships are something I never thought about much for myself personally so I was really open minded and excited to go and look to what they had to offer.

They had so many agencies and organisations who offered a variety of different apprenticeships and jobs. I sadly found it quite difficult to find any apprenticeships that were specific for photography. However I was still surprised with how many options there were for so many different course and I think it's a really good option for people if they don't want to go to university.

Out of all the organisations the most useful I found were the princes trust and wessex inspiration network. Both two different organisations offering an array of different apprenticeships.

Although not finding much specifically to photography I enjoyed going and find out more information towards apprenticeships and what they were about. This was a really insightful day for me and I really enjoyed it a lot.

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