Photography NEC photography Show review

Back in March I had the opportunity to visit the NEC photography show in Birmingham. This was a show that showcased the latest photography technology to demonstrations of the latest photography kit, many conference sessions and a complete range of talks and seminars.

I first started by going around and looking around at all the different stands they had at the show. The ones that took my interest particularly were looking at company's such as Canon, Sigma and Adobe. I also went to go look at different organisations such as photography tours and photographer job agencies. This was all really interesting to look at because I found it useful to see all of the new cameras that were out at the moment and all the new lenses. I also found it insightful to look at all of the different types of photography organisations there and different photographers.

I had the chance to go to a few different talks whilst I was at the show. The first talk I went to was one about Combining Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC in your retouching workflow. This was run by photographer Dave Mallows and I found this talk really interesting because Lightroom is a programme by Adobe which I hadn't heard much about before/ haven't used. I learnt a lot about what Lightroom was and how you could use it within your photography work and how quick and easy it is to use. Then how you can use it aswell as with Photoshop. It was a really insightful and interesting talk and I learnt a lot by going to it.

I then went to go visit a small photography exhibition they had there called the David Hurn swap exhibition. This was a small exhibition showcasing lots of different photographers work. I found this really interesting and inspiring to look at.

The final talk I went to that day was one by Simon Quarrie a photographer who has his own business and is an ambassador for canon. His talk was on Telling Stories - Turn your Passion into a Living. This was my favourite talk out of all of the ones I saw since I found it really inspiring and interesting and it gave many ideas and inspiration on how I would want my photography to be and where I want to take my photography. It also made me think how do I make my photography my own and make it stand out from others.

I overall really enjoyed this photography show I learnt and gained a lot of information from it. I also learnt lots of ideas and advice that I could use towards my own photography. I enjoyed this day a lot.

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