Comparing University courses.

From the recent University courses that I have researched and had an interest in I have chosen three different photography courses of interest and i'm going to compare the similarities and differences between all three.

The three courses I have chosen to compare is Marine and Natural History photography, Editorial and advertising photography and photography. These are all very different courses and all from different universities.

The first course, Marine and Natural history photography focuses on looking at marine and underwater photography. Where as the next course Editorial and advertising focuses more on photography through advertising and the press. Then the last one focus on photography in general rather than then one specific area of photography.

Looking at the statistics in comparison although all different courses they all have a very close high percentage on how satisfied students where with the quality of the course. Edinburgh Napier has the highest percentage with 100% of people being happy with the photography course. Next it's Falmouth with 92% and then Gloucestershire with 90%. This shows how they all like really good courses and how in comparison to each other they all have similar statistics even though they are completely different courses.

Looking more in depth to these statistics you can see how similar they are again with not having much difference in the percentages of people enjoying the teaching of the course. You find the course at Edinburgh being the one with the highest percentage and then the other two courses in the middle with each other. The only thing slightly different is Falmouth having only 74% of people who find the course intellectually stimulating where as the other two have a much higher percentage of 93% and 100%. But as an overall each statistic is pretty close by to each other showing similarities between each course.

Look at the statistics for learning opportunities for each course you can see how again they are all pretty close to each other with a high percentage. However again, you can see that Falmouth has dropped quite a bit in comparison to the others in how many opportunities they've had to bring ideas onto the course with being 88% and the other two courses being 90-91%. But the other statistics shown in this section show high results for each course.

Looking at assessment and feedback in the statistics you can see all courses have dropped percentage from 90% to about 70-80%. You can see how Edinburgh university with photography have dropped massively with their high percentage in how feedback on work has been timely. With the other two having high percentages of 80-90% and Edinburgh having only 36%.

These statistics show academic support and you can see that overall Edinburgh has the lowest statistics here ranging from 70-80% of having good academic support. Where as the other two range between 75-95%.

With the organisation statistics the three different courses you can see how the course at Edinburgh and also falmouth have some of the lowest percentages, ranging from 50-85% where as Gloucestershire has the highest ranging from 90-100%.

Looking at learning resources similarly like before they all have a close high range of percentage ranging from 80-100% with Edinburgh being near the top this time.

This last section showing different statistics for all three courses shows how good the students voices are within each course. Overall student Gloucestershire shows student voice alone is very high. Where as with Edinburgh they have some quite low statistics such as 40-55% of people felt feedback wasn't acted on or the student union didn't effectively represent students interests as much.

Look at the overall Statistics for each uni has been interesting to see how they all vary in different ways. They all look like such good courses with good feedback statistics on how students found the courses. It was interesting to see all the strengths and weaknesses between each university and looking at each course in comparison.

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