Visiting the UCAS fair

Early in April I had the opportunity to visit the UCAS fair. This was a really exciting for me since this was a chance for me to find out more information regarding the most relevant university courses towards what I would want to do at uni. Also to help me decide what university's I would want to go look at for open days.

This fair was held at UWE in Bristol and it was host to up to a 100 university's. I started my looking by going to look at the university's that specifically did photography. One of the first university's I visited was Falmouth University's stand. This was one of the Uni's I was most interested to look at because it specifically is for creative subjects and they put all there focus on these subjects. I found visiting each stand and asking questions about each course gave me a real understanding of what uni course I would want to do and which uni would suit me as a person. I found Falmouth in particular really interesting to look at and talk to and the photography courses they have look really interesting, such as marine and natural history photography and press and editorial photography.

After visiting the Falmouth stand I went to go visit the Gloucestershire university stand since they had a few different photography courses I was also had an interest in looking at. I found they had an array of interesting courses such as professional photography for the creative industries and photojournalism. I found it useful asking questions about the courses and uni life because this gave me the general idea of what I want to do and where I would want to do that degree.

The final uni that I will talk about in more detail about visiting was I had a look at the Edinburgh Napier university. I visited this stand because I was interested to see what there photography course was like compared to the others I had looked at. I found they didn't offer as many options with photography however their course still looked really good and interesting as a whole. I then had a look at a few more uni's including; Arts university Bournemouth, York st john university, university of Portsmouth etc.

I overall found this whole UCAS fair really useful and interesting to visit. Speaking to the different universities about their courses and uni life helped me have a clearer decision on where and what I want to do at uni within the near future. I would recommend anyone to go visit a UCAS fair if you can to help you make the right decision on university.

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