Visiting a photography exhibition on the Isle of Wight

Whilst I was visiting the Isle of Wight I had the opportunity to visit the Dimbola Lodge which is a small little photography museum in the area.

This museum had three different photography exhibitions all on different photographers and there work.

The first exhibition showed all of Julia Margaret Cameron's work. Julia Margaret Cameron was a famous Victorian photographer living on the Isle of Wight she was most famous with creating the first photographic close-up portraits and influenced the subsequent photography movement with her use of different focus'. There are many portraits throughout the exhibition that reflect her work in this way. The actual lodge now a museum was once her house where she used to live. I found this part of the exhibition really interesting to learn about especially since I hadn't heard much about Juliet Margaret Cameron before. I enjoyed visiting this part of the exhibition a lot.

The next two exhibitions I visited were both by different local photographers from the area. The first one called Jan Ramscar worked in more fine art photography showcasing plants in a different light. I thought the overall thought process and background behind how Ramscar created the images was very interesting. Ramscar having a background to do with science and using the darkroom and no camera, Ramscar uses light to shine through flowers and seeds onto photographic paper to create a unique set of images showing the interact details of the plants. I found this really interesting and inspiring as an exhibition to visit.

The final exhibition was on the Isle of Wight and the people living on there by photographer Pete Johnstone. I found this helped relate to the idea of belonging in my FMP because it shows people and where they belong. I found it interesting learning the background of each person and the photograph for each of them.

I overall took a lot of information and understanding from this trip and have learnt a lot from what I saw. Even though small, I would recommend anyone to visit the Dimbola lodge if you have a chance to.

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