Visiting the Gursky Exhibition and the Tate Modern

A couple of months back I had the opportunity to go visit the Andreas Gursky exhibition in Southbank London, held at the Hayward Gallery. I also got the chance to have a look around the Tate Modern Gallery as well.

The day started with visiting the Gursky exhibition. Gursky is a German photographer known for his large format architecture and landscape colour photo.

This image above was the first image that caught my eye. I really liked this image because it was a very simple and beautiful image that managed to stand out.

This is another image I really loved. I loved how even though there is quite a lot going on in the photo it still stands out really well on it's own. This image stood out to me because of how real it was and how monotone the colours are in the image. I also loved how busy the photo is representing what a train station is really like.

This last Image was one of my favourites. I love this image because as well as standing out, it's also a really powerful photo showing different political leaders. I think having the red background and not showing the faces of the leaders helps make this stand out. I overall just thought this was a really powerful photo.

Those were a few images that I found interesting and that stood out to me. I found the overall exhibition really interesting to visit. I found looking at Gursky's work really inspirational and I will definitely take his work and ideas and apply that knowledge to my own work.

After visiting the Gursky exhibition I then went to have a quick look around at the Tate Modern Museum. I found this really interesting to look around and it helped me get a lot of ideas of how art can be powerful and different ways it can be interpreted. And although it wasn't specifically photography I still really enjoyed looking around and learning from the all the different art in the Tate Modern.

I overall really enjoyed this trip to London and have learnt a lot from visiting both Exhibitions. I aim to take all that I have learnt and apply this knowledge and relate it back to my own work.

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