Nic Dunlop: Photography Workshop

On Friday the 12th January we had visit from famous photographer, author and photojournalist, Nic Dunlop. He's most famous for photography issues and events happening in countries like Bangkok and telling their stories through photography.

Examples of his photography:

Through this workshop he gave us the task of taking a photo of three things one of a workplace e.g. a shop. The second being of the worker working there. And finally the third being a portrait worker themselves.

This was something we had to all do and complete within half an hour. For me, I decided to photograph a shop worker whilst they were working. I chose the shop Waterstones because I thought it would be an easy choice of shop to ask if I could take photos. I found the overall challenge alright I did find it challenging going up and asking if it was okay to take photos but i'm glad I did it since it gave me the confidence to do this. My overall photos I think turned out well apart from the fact I didn't really get a proper image of the shop worker working instead I just took an image of some people in the street talking instead. Then for next time if I was to do this task again I would branch out and try to photograph maybe something different to make the challenge a bit more interesting.

I have learnt a lot from this workshop and have gained so much knowledge and understanding and confidence. It's taught me what it's like working like a photojournalist and the aspects that can come with the job. I found the tasks given were challenging and something I have gained knowledge and experience from.

This overall workshop itself was very engaging and interesting to do and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to take part in it.

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