Trip To London

A couple of months back I had the opportunity to visit 44AD Photoblock London, this exhibition was a photography exhibition showcasing a variety of different photographers from ones who had won awards to ones that were from the British press.

I visited on the last day it was being shown and this whole exhibition was overall a very interesting exhibition to visit. The displays varied from a different array of photography. The first part of the exhibition included images from many different photographers across the country, then going into the next part they had a display of paper books hanging from threads which were really interesting to see.

My favourite part of the whole exhibition was looking at all the different press photography, some of these images were such strong images and all varied in different ways. Some were of famous figures , others strong images from disasters that had happened from all across the world e.g. the fire at the Grenfell Tower. I found these images particularly stood out to me because they were all so bold and different which is what made them clever and successful as images.

They also had a exhibition displaying art painted by refugees which I thought was a powerful thing to see.

I then spent the rest of the day photographing and exploring the area of Brick lane.

I found this overall exhibition very interesting and inspiring to go and visit. I found looking at such powerful photos helped inspire me with my own photography and made me think of how I could create powerful photos myself with my photography. It was something I hope to visit again in the future and I learnt a lot from visiting it.

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